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Lori Rotter

Hi, and welcome to my site, LFR Creative. I have been in the creative field for over 35 years as a designer, product, and brand developer in the Gift, Stationery, and Toy industries.

I have worked with top toy companies, including Mattel, Disney, Playmates Toys, and Jazwares. I launched LFR Creative when I decided to venture out as a product & brand developer to help guide and support companies from the outside.

My product career continues to focus on kids ages 3- 6. I'm always laughing because this age group is curious, playful, and hysterical. I do much storytelling when pitching toy ideas in my work. Writing copy around toys has been an unexpected creative outlet that I enjoy, ultimately leading me to write children's books.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, with more children's stories to come!


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